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1937 Hawker Demon Crash

On February 3rd 1937, two Hawker Demon aircraft crashed in Waratah.

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Ray Whyman | Publican Bischoff Hotel

The hotelier of the Bischoff Hotel at the time - Ray Whyman -  who with bush craft experience was able to organise a search and rescue party.   

As a memento to the townspeople, Ray Whyman and his family's efforts to help the pilots; the propeller of the one of the planes was donated to the hotel and still hangs above the dining room entrance to this day. 

Child Witnesses

With the assistance of the Western Wilds project and Tourism Tasmania, the owners of the Bischoff Hotel in 2019 were able to record the living memories of two residents who were young children at the time of the crash - Amee Targett and Glen ”Tiger” Stein.

Tiger was the son of the Magnet Mine Engineer and was the last baby to ever be born in the magnet township. He recounted many of his childhood adventures including his memories of the crash. 

Amee was the daughter of the Bischoff Hotel publican Ray Whyman.TAnd we also are grateful for the “Wayfarer” Helene Thomas and her skills in interviewing and editing to capture a wonderful piece of oral history for future generations to appreciate.

Please click on the link to hear Amee and Tigers story and feel welcome to visit the Bischoff Hotel to see the static display.

Demons Down in Waratah
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Ultimate Fate of Pilots

Find out the ultimate fate of the pilots.

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