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Waratah & Surrounding Areas

What is there to do?

Waratah is a picturesque town located in the north-west of Tasmania, with an impressive waterfall at its center and a rich and interesting history waiting to be explored.  Now a tourist town with a population of 249 people, Waratah once boasted Australia's richest tin mine that ensured Tasmania's independence from Victoria, and had a population of 5,000 people at its peak.    It is also the first town in Australia to have electric street lighting (in 1886).  Located 620m above sea level, the town receives magnificent snowfall several times each year which brings snow chasers to town to ski down hills, throw snowballs and make snowmen.

Waratah is also the perfect location to use as a base to explore surrounding areas in the north-west of Tasmania.  It is on the doorstep of the Tarkine (Australia's largest temperate rainforest), a short 40-minute drive to Cradle Mountain and just over an hour away from Corinna Wilderness Village. 

When you're based in Waratah, you can take day trips to some beautiful and interesting places. Whether you want to go sightseeing, go on tours, drive your 4WD or buggy, explore ghost towns, see old mining ruins, walk through a rainforest, see more waterfalls or take stunning fungi photos.

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